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Arte is where we appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted piece of jewelry and that is why we are always here to offer you the right price for the ones you possess. Whether you have an old piece of antique jewelry you wish to sell for some money or a watch you want to replace with a newer model, we can fulfill all your needs.

We are one of the most trusted jewelers in Lebanon and we ensure value in every deal we close. We deal in all kinds of jewelry in precious metal and stones and luxury items such as watches. We also take unwanted jewelry with missing stones or pieces and fine watches that aren’t working anymore.

At Arte, you get FREE Value Appraisal and you are paid for the diamonds and gemstones also, not just the weight of gold.

Every Piece is Precious

They say the best jeweler is one with a keen eye for the authenticity of the material, as well as the sentimental value of a piece.

When it comes to jewelry and watches, we know that there is usually a lot of memories and stories attached with them. When we buy items from our customers, we keep that value in consideration, making sure that you get a fair bargain with no hurt feelings. We have been selling and buying jewelry in Lebanon for long enough time to understand what a single piece of ring or a pair of earrings can mean to you.

When you come to sell your jewelry at our jewelry store in Lebanon, we make sure that the price offered is fair and justifiable. We sit with each customer to explain the way we evaluate and estimate the price. This allows us to ensure that each client leaves completely satisfied with the offer.

Instant Cash for Immediate Needs

We understand that people sell jewelry only when they really need to. That is why we refrain from needlessly extending the whole process. Come to us with the item you need to sell, and we will give you cash for gold, silver, diamond or any precious metal it is made up of.

All deals are closed with complete confidentiality and absolute regard for your dignity. Plus, you can receive 20% more in-store credit over our cash offer!

Not sure how much your jewelry is worth? Fill in the online form and find out today for free!